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to my Senior Thesis Study
for Adelphi University
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The Objective:

In oder to graduate each student studying for their BFA in Graphic Design was required to present their Senior Thesis in the form of an exhibition in the university gallery at the end of the year. The goal was to create an organization that fought to make a difference in a certain subject and / or field. At least three editorials and two posters were required and anything additional was gladly accepted, but not required. Each editorial was required to be entirely written by the student and one of them must include a Q&A interview from a professional. 

My Solution:

Scoliosis has effected my entire family in a huge way. As I am writing this in 2020 another member of my family was put in a brace for the next three year's of her young life. Anyone who has had to live through all that comes with this condition knows the struggle and the pain. As soon as I was presented with the objective in college I knew what my organization was going to fight to make a difference on. I hope you enjoy looking through my research and how I used design, visual representation and color to create a large impact on my words. Most of all if you or someone you love has scoliosis I hope you can take something out of this read and know you're not alone. 

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Continue the Conversation

I want to know your story!

Do you or a loved one suffer from scoliosis? You're not alone. Let's keep the conversation going. Email me at and use "Scoliosis" as the subject line... Awareness is the best way to help fight this!

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